Bullet Journaling A New You: Change Your Life In Ten Minutes A Day

Can bullet journaling change your life? I think it can. At our most recent writers’ group meeting, several authors chatted about their journaling habit.

One author, who’s a new bullet journal aficionado of only two months, said that her bullet journal had helped her to ask for a raise at work—and get it. “I created a Collection for why I deserved more money. I even created a presentation.”

Another said that her journal helped her to lose 20 pounds—and keep them off for a year. “I’ve been on and off diets for most of my life,” she said. “My journal makes me excited about eating well. I no longer comfort-eat.”

I thought about the changes in my own life, since I took up journaling… Writing it down can make all the difference—even if you feel that you have no time to maintain any kind of notebook.

Bullet journaling: write it down

Whatever your goals, chances are that a bullet journal can make them happen. We talked about Henriette Anne Klauser’s book, Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want – And Getting It! in the meeting.

I read the book years ago. What if it’s that simple: if you know what you want, and journal about it, you just might get it?

It couldn’t hurt. That said, Writing down what you want is more challenging than it appears.

“Here’s what I did,” my friend Danni said. “I made an Ideal Life Collection in my BuJo. At first, the Collection only had a couple of entries. I was nervous about thinking about what I wanted. Finally, when I wrote I want a house with a garden, I realized that I could have it—we’re closing on our new house next week.”

Tips to help you to change your life in ten minutes a day

Let’s look at some ten-minute tips which have the potential to change your life.

1. Get a notebook—any notebook—and use it for ten minutes a day

You don’t need a fancy notebook. A cheap notebook will work just as well as a fancy notebook with Tomoe River paper.

Spend ten minutes a day with it. Not artistic? I’m not either—you won’t find fancy layouts in my bullet journals. (I admit to the occasional doodle.)

2. (Optional) Try doodling for ten minutes a day

On the other hand, if you’d to create pretty journal pages, you can draw and create gorgeous spreads. Here are some simple BuJo doodles you can draw, even if you think you’re unartistic.

3. Create an Ideal Life Collection, just as Danni did

You never know what you’ll discover about yourself and life that will change everything. A BuJo helps you to create the life you want.

The power of bullet journaling: will it work for you?

You’ll only find out if you try. Grab a notebook today, and spend ten minutes with it. If you’re new to bullet journaling, here are the basics.

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