Writing Journal: 3 Easy Tips To Enhance Your Creativity

Want to enhance your creativity? Start a writing journal and write a few sentences every day: not only will you be more creative, you’ll be more productive as well.

Here’s why:

  • Your writing journal breaks your inertia and conquers creative anxiety;
  • You’ll start thinking like a writer — when you write something every day, you’ll build a writing habit;
  • Ideas multiply: you’ll get more ideas, because you’re writing them down.

Your writing journal helps you to write, even if you’re not in the mood

The biggest benefit? You’re writing. Try making a commitment to writing in your notebook every day, even if it’s just a short sentence. Or a shopping list. Or a task list.

If you’re not writing, you build up “writing” as something big and scary in your mind. Journaling makes the writing process much less intimidating.

Try these tips.

1. Write every day: use lists (Trello can help)

Are you horrified at the thought of writing every day? If you’re thinking that you just don’t have the time for it, Trello can help you to maintain your journal.

Trello is a fun visual tool you can use in many ways. Use it as a content calendar, a task list, or a meal planner.

Zapier offers 20 creative ways to use Trello:

If you’re wondering what else you can use Trello for besides managing work projects, take a look at these inspiring example boards and suggestions.

Check out the list; I’ve improved my use of Trello (and my life) with some of the suggestions.

Here’s how I manage my commitment to journal every day. I keep a “TODAY” list in a Trello Tasks/ Productivity board. This list is for tasks I need to do every day. My first card on this list is: “Journal STREAK.” I’ve added a cover image to this card so that it stands out.

The card acts as a reminder to journal every day when I open the board. To date, I have a streak of 96 days of journaling. On some days, I write a sentence. On other days, I write 400 words, or snap a photo.

My writing buddy joined me on this streak. We’ve found that since we started writing daily, our productivity has increased. She says that she’s less stressed, too.

2. Use images in your journal: doodle, or take photos

A friend started a writing journal when her son was born to ensure that she found time to write every day, even if it was just a couple of minutes. She also takes a photo every day and adds it to her journal.

Over the past six months, she’s contributed articles to several mommy/ parenting blogs. She’s also found a publisher for her first book. She says: “My journal tied everything together for me — I had a place for photos, questions, thoughts, and ideas. It just grew.”

(She keeps her journal in Evernote.)

3. Your writing journal is for YOU

A few months ago a friend was going through a rough stretch: a divorce, as well as a family illness. She journaled on sheets of paper to relieve her stress — then shredded the sheets immediately.

She reported: “I didn’t want anyone else to read what I’d written. I’m convinced that my writing acted as a safety valve so I could be there for others, and make sensible decisions.”

She’d kept a writing journal for several years and that got her into the habit of writing. The habit was there when she needed it most.

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