Writing Fiction: 4 Powerful Steps To Quickly Transform A First Draft

If you’re writing fiction and haven’t published your novel, it’s likely that you’re intimidated by your first draft. Relax. The story on the page may disappoint you, but consider that this is your chance to transform the mass of material into the ideal novel you’ve imagined. Revising and editing will change your muddle into a … Read more

3 Quick Tips For Suspenseful Fiction: Invoke Readers’ Imagination

Last year, several of our writers’ group gatherings focused on writing suspenseful fiction. A member triggered this topic when she complained about feeling tired all day: “I stayed up until 2:30 this morning, finishing a novel. I thought why? Then I started wondering how I could write like that.” When we discussed books which hooked … Read more

Write Fiction With Obsidian: Track Characters, Places, And Your Plot

Do you write fiction? If you do, you know that there are 1001 (and more) things you need to remember. Not only character names, but their personalities, their histories, and how they fit into your plot. Or how they create your plot. Over the years, I’ve used software and various writing apps to track all … Read more

Writing Fiction: Outlining Tips For Pantsers

Writing Fiction: Outlining Tips For Pantsers

In our recent writers’ group meeting we discussed writing fiction and the fraught topic of outlining. Those of us who are pantsers wince when we hear the word: “outline”. Pantsers don’t do outlines; we write by the seat of our pants. We feel guilty about that, so we experiment with outlines every few years. It … Read more

Time Travel And Regency Romance: Three Novels In One Volume

Escape Across Time: Tara, Molly, & Priscilla

Love time travel fantasy novels? Regency romance? You’ll enjoy Escape Across Time: Tara, Molly, & Priscilla: three complete novels collected into one volume. Time travel to Regency England How would you feel if you were suddenly transported across time to Regency England? You’re now 200 years in the past with no prospect of returning home. … Read more

Writing Fiction? Choose Two Writing Strategies For 2020

Writing Fiction? Choose Two Writing Strategies For 2020

“Writing fiction is hard,” one of our writers’ group members said in our final meeting before the holidays. “Next year, I’m choosing just two strategies. With just two, maybe I can focus and get better at writing.” We all loved her “two strategies” idea. The writer shared her strategies with us, then we each chose … Read more