Writing Apps: 4 Apps To Get Organized And Improve Your Writing

Can writing apps improve your writing? Although they can’t write for you, they can get you organized and smooth the writing process. A big benefit: the best apps can increase your motivation, while cutting down on procrastination. A few months ago, our writers’ group chatted about writing apps. We all had our favorites. However, some … Read more

Goal Setting Trap: Avoid The Trap And Achieve Your Goals

In a recent writers’ group meeting, we discussed goal setting. One writer said: “Goal setting isn’t for me. Life’s too stressful now. What’s the point of goals when so much is changing?” Many agreed. I agreed too. It’s easy to feel burned out by goals; you can set a goal, then your life derails. Within … Read more

Avoid Decision Fatigue: 3 Ways To Conserve Energy And Get More Done

Avoid Decision Fatigue: 3 Ways To Conserve Energy And Get More Done

Have you heard of decision fatigue? If you’re ready to dismiss it as trendy nonsense—how can making decisions exhaust you?—not so fast. A couple of months ago, I found myself mentally exhausted. I wasn’t sure why: my work hadn’t changed, nor had anything changed much at home. After thinking about my daily routines, I began … Read more

Writer’s Block: 3 Strategies If You Can’t Write

Writer's Block: 3 Strategies If You Can’t Write

At a recent writer’s group meeting, we discussed writer’s block. This affliction is real. It can paralyze you. Almost everyone in our group has suffered from it, so we discussed useful tools and strategies to help us to manage it in the future. If you’re dealing with it right now, ask yourself whether you can … Read more