Your Writer’s Journal: 4 Practical Tips For This Powerful Tool

Do you have a writer’s journal? A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the benefits of journaling in our writing group. The benefits have been known for years. However, writers’ journals are a little different. You may have one, or several. I have a bullet journal for every day, but for long projects like books, … Read more

Write A Novel: Make It Easy With A Bullet Journal And Collections

You want to write a novel. Perhaps you’ve already begun. However, you’re struggling. It’s a mess. How will you remember all the details of settings, characters, and your plot’s elements? And more to the point: how will you find what you need immediately, while you’re in the middle of writing? A bullet journal for your … Read more

Writing Fiction: 3 Tips To End Procrastination And Finish A Novel

If you’re writing fiction, you may be procrastinating on finishing your novel. Many authors do. Worst case: you may forget the novel completely. In a recent writers’ group meeting, we shared estimates of how many unfinished novels lurked on our hard drives, so you’ve got a few unfinished novels too, stop feeling guilty. With a … Read more

Journaling In 2022: 3 Easy Tips To Achieve Your Goals

Are you journaling in 2022? In our final writers’ group meeting for 2021, we discussed journaling, its benefits, and how we could use journaling in 2022 to help us to meet our goals. I was surprised that out of our group of over 20 writers and authors, only two members didn’t journal—and both were determined … Read more

Why A Brain Dump? 3 Tips To Manage Stress And Organize Your Life

Feeling overwhelmed? Try a brain dump so you can see everything you need to manage. Then you can decide how you’ll manage it. Brain dumps are useful anytime you feel stressed.  Productivity guru David Allen is the author of the book, Getting Things Done: The art of stress-free productivity. In the book, he popularized brain … Read more