Writing Fiction: 3 Quick Tips To Create Satisfying Reads

Creating a satisfying story is a big challenge when you’re writing fiction. In a recent writers’ group meeting, we discussed reader satisfaction. “I love thrillers and adventure stories,” one author said, “but everything I’ve read lately is all about the plot. The characters are either TSTL (too stupid to live) or are a bunch of … Read more

Try This Simple Tactic To Write Fiction Any Time, Anywhere

You want to write fiction. Even if you’re an experienced writer, on some days the words won’t come. Perhaps you’re under stress, and can’t relax to write. Want an easy way to write any time, anywhere, no matter how you’re feeling, or how busy you are? Try this. Write fiction: an easy tactic Here’s the … Read more

Write Anyway If You’re Unmotivated: Try A Weird Strategy

Unmotivated? What if you could write anyway, no matter how you feel? Here’s a simple (but weird, sort of) strategy. Firstly, how did I hear about this? In a recent meeting of our writers’ group, we talked about how challenging writing can be if you’re unmotivated. Write anyway, even if you’re unmotivated… But what if … Read more

Want To Write A Novel? These Tips May Help If You’re Stressed

With NaNoWriMo on the horizon, and coming up fast, you’re remembering your dream: to write a novel. Last month our group discussed NaNoWriMo and stress. Our writers’ group includes authors who’ve been traditionally published, as well as self-publishing authors. It also includes aspiring authors who want to write, and would, if the whole idea of … Read more

An Easy Writing Process When You Have No Time To Write

An Easy Writing Process When You Have No Time To Write

At our last writing group meeting, we talked about finding time to write. Several members shared their writing process. Some outlined, some didn’t. One member wrote on her phone in her car, before she started work each day. She said: “You can write more than you’d think in ten minutes a day.” That got me … Read more