Book Marketing On Social Media: 4 Savvy Ideas To Create A Strategy

You’re looking for book marketing ideas. Although social media can seem like a no-brainer—you’ve got to get the news out about your book—it’s also a time sink. How do you promote your book without wasting hours on social media? Start with a strategy. Last year, when we discussed social media at our writers’ group, just … Read more

Book Marketing For Misers: 4 Tips To Save On Promotions

Do you hate spending money on book marketing? In a recent writers’ group meeting, we discussed our favorite ways to market our books cheaply. We agreed that it’s not so much that we resent investing our book income into marketing, it’s: The occasional unforeseen expenses which derailed our book marketing budget; Outright mistakes (perhaps we … Read more

Book Marketing Your Way: Devote Time To Marketing Every Day

Book Marketing Your Way: Devote Time To Marketing Every Day

With many authors at home these days, we’ve suddenly got more time for the things we “should” do—including book marketing. In a recent online meeting of our writer’s group, our theme was marketing in general, and book marketing for those of us who have books we need to promote. But how do you create a … Read more

Book Marketing On Instagram: 4 Tips To Boost Your Sales

A reader asked me about book marketing on Instagram last year. I haven’t used Instagram — I’m a Pinterest fan. So, I asked for tips from Insta authors at our recent writers’ group meeting. Several of our authors use Instagram as a marketing tool, so these tips come from their experiences. Firstly, the big question: … Read more