Bullet Journaling: 3 Ways To Prepare For A Wonderful 2020 Now

If you’re giving bullet journaling a try in 2020, kudos to you. Many bullet journalers find that their BuJo not only helps them to accomplish more, but also relieves stress.

A friend said to me: “Once it’s out of my head in in my BuJo, I stop worrying.”

That’s a good practice. Write down everything that’s on your mind. Your bullet journal helps you to turn your dreams into actions.

You may be wondering how a bullet journal could help you. You don’t have much time to spare. Perhaps you’re concerned that you’re not artistic.

Is bullet journaling for you?

Worried that you’ll spend too much time decorating your journal — time you don’t have?

Check out Ryder Carroll’s basic method. No ornamentation necessary.

My journals are always bare-bones. Maybe I doodle in them when they’re open and I’m on the phone. Sometimes I use washi tape to paste in sticky notes. Otherwise? No decoration.

Another question I’m asked: one book or two?

In Bullet Journal Fun: Get Organized And Enjoy Life More, I suggested:

If you’re just starting out with the bullet journal system, I recommend using a single journal, until you realize that you need more.

Currently, I keep one notebook for work and another for home. They’re softcover A5s, so they fit in my handbag easily. It was too confusing to have my work notes and meal plans in the same notebook.

Let’s look at some ways to prepare for 2020 now.

1. Review your 2019 goals: what succeeded? What failed?

It’s time for your 2019 review. What goals did you set? Did you achieve them? What worked for you? Once you know worked, and what you want to do more of in 2020, you can create some trackers for 2020 in your bullet journal.

Should you start a new notebook?

That’s up to you. I do, because I set my goals per quarter. So I’ll create new trackers for January to March.

2. Track your goals and activities in your bullet journal

I’ve already created a writing tracker because I wrote little this year — I’m determined to do better in 2020.

Other trackers I’m creating:

  • A meal plan tracker;
  • Sewing planners and trackers. I hate shopping; I can never find what I want, so I’ve started sewing again;
  • House cleaning/ repair trackers.

3. Review often: schedule daily journaling and weekly reviews

It seems silly to create tasks like:

  • 10 minutes w/ bullet journal;
  • Review week;
  • Sunday afternoon planning…

However, creating reminders to journal and review are the most important tasks you can create.

Recently I asked a work colleague whether he’d maintained a bullet journal this year. He responded: “I kept forgetting to do it. I’m starting over in 2020.”

At times, it’s tempting to think that you don’t have time to journal. Or you’re late for work and forget to take your journal. You soon discover however that by bullet journaling you’re saving time and accomplishing more.

Bullet journaling in 2020: create a plan today

Think about what worked for you this year.

Create some trackers, so you’ll have a wonderful 2020.

Good luck. 🙂

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