Write A Novel: Make It Easy With A Bullet Journal And Collections

You want to write a novel. Perhaps you’ve already begun. However, you’re struggling. It’s a mess. How will you remember all the details of settings, characters, and your plot’s elements? And more to the point: how will you find what you need immediately, while you’re in the middle of writing? A bullet journal for your … Read more

A Bullet Journal Helps You To Write Fiction: 4 Steps To Begin

Several years ago, I used a bullet journal for my fiction but lost the habit. Here’s a post I wrote at the time, Bullet Journal Your Fiction: 3 Time-Saving Tips: it contains useful productivity tips. Since I’m struggling with a new novel, I wondered whether journaling could help. Firstly, I had to remind myself of … Read more

A Freelance Writing Side Hustle: 2 Vital Tips To Ensure You’re Paid

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps: Are They A Threat To Writers?

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Use Obsidian To Manage Your Life: 4 Tips To Get Started

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