Use Obsidian To Manage Your Life: 4 Tips To Get Started

Have you discovered the Obsidian app? We looked at using Obsidian if you’re a fiction author. Several authors in our writers’ group use Obsidian; a couple mentioned that there’s a big learning curve. One author gave up on Obsidian entirely. That’s a shame, because Obsidian can help you to manage your life. Want to get … Read more

Writing Apps: 4 Apps To Get Organized And Improve Your Writing

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Writing Apps: More Apps To Help You To Write Anywhere

Writing Apps: More Apps To Help You To Write Anywhere

Looking for writing apps to help whittle down your never-ending task list and get more done? Me too. A few years ago, I covered four “write anywhere” apps I still use today: Scrivener, Ulysses, Quip, and (of course) Evernote. Writing apps: my essentials today Scrivener, Ulysses and Evernote are no-brainers for me. At work, we … Read more