Regency Romance: Next For The Eardleys, Elaine’s Story

Regency Romance: Next For The Eardleys, Elaine’s Story

Wondering what’s coming up in our Regency romance series about the Eardley sisters? We met most of the sisters in The Lady And The Rake, but we didn’t meet Elaine.

Clean Regency romance: Elaine’s story

We haven’t met Elaine, because she was staying with her friend Lady Foxton. When Elaine’s story opens, she’s turned 18, and is looking forward to her comeout.

Particularly the clothes, which exasperates Catherine:

Elaine had almost closed the sitting room doors when she heard Catherine telling her sister Anne that of all the Eardley women, Elaine was the silliest. “I’d rather Henry, with her everlasting talk of horses than Elaine, who has nothing in her head but frippery.”

Warned by her eldest sister Catherine not to be fast, Elaine suspects she may have been indiscreet.

Much like Catherine however, Elaine’s motto is: don’t get angry, get even. She has Sir Oliver Destry’s measure, and she has plans to make him pay.

Unfortunately, a duke may be in the way.

Elaine and the duke: will he get her attention?

Elaine’s clever, but as obvious as it may be to others, she doesn’t realize she’s captured the attention of a handsome duke, and wouldn’t care if she had.

The Eardley women aren’t typical Regency heroines. They take charge. The first in the series, The Lady And The Rake: A Scandalous Arrangement, is available now.


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