Goals: 2018 Lessons Learned And Planning For 2019

How was 2018 for you? Did you achieve all or some of the goals you set? I’ve got to admit that I fell way behind in several of my goals — I’m determined to do better next year.

Whatever progress you made this year, the holiday season is upon us. With guests, celebrations, and shopping, it’s hard to achieve much in the final weeks of the year.

That said, you can assess your progress towards your goals, so that you hit the ground running in 2019.

Your goals: spend a little time planning

Between now, and January 15, getting things done becomes much more challenging.

Spend a little time planning. Five minutes of planning now can save you hours — even days — later. Plan to make progress on this year’s goals, as well as plan your new goals for 2019.

Review your 2018 goals: celebrate your progress

Even if you missed achieving your big goals, celebrate your progress, and review. Why not divide a big goal like “buy a new house” into several smaller goals?

When we discussed 2019 in our final writers’ group meeting for the year, a writer said that he set much smaller goals this year, and achieved all of them.

Achieving goals boosts your confidence. I’ll try that method going forward, by setting smaller goals which will be milestones to my larger goals.

Plan for a new you in 2019: apply lessons learned this year

Work was so busy this year that I ignored my health and fitness goals completely. This wasn’t a good thing. I ended up with an injury, which is just now healing.

My first goal for 2019 will be a (small) fitness goal for the first quarter.

I’m determined that nothing will stand in the way of achieving that goal. That goal will be part of a larger health and fitness strategy.

To get started on the goal, I’ve already booked time with a fitness trainer. Becoming injured was a hard lesson that I’m determined to remember.

A bullet journal: the best planner for me

After being seduced by a couple of time-saving apps, and leaving my bullet journal mid-way through the year, I’m back to bullet journaling.

While the apps did indeed “save time” I became a robot, ticking things off my task lists, without making any real progress on my goals. I lost the big picture.

That proved to be another hard lesson to learn. Bullet journaling may be “slower”, but at least you’re making progress on the right things.

After a week of bullet journaling, I’m feeling much more relaxed, as well as more energized, and focused on my goals.

Onward. 2019 will be here before we know it.

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