How To Find Time To Write Over The Holidays: 3 Tips

How do you find time to write over the holidays? This question came up at our final writers’ group meeting for the year. It made me feel more than a little guilty.

Finding the time to write is a big challenge for me every day. On some days, when I don’t get home too late, I get up early so that I can write for an hour.

Although I planned on using the holidays to take a break from writing, I decided that no, I’d somehow fit writing into my holiday schedule. Somehow.

Prepare, so you’ll find time to write

What about you? Will you take a break, or work out how you can find time to write?

At our group, we decided that it was vital to prepare. Some planning was essential. What will you write, and when?

I’m currently writing two short stories for the Follyjohn Gossip series, and am working on the second book in the Eardleys of Gostwicke Hall series.

I decided that between Christmas and the first week of January, I’d take a break from the Eardleys. Instead, I’d make a big push to complete another Follyjohn short story.

That was doable — I’d try to write a few hundred words each morning, and if I couldn’t manage that, I’d write them in the evening, no matter how tired I was.

We came up with some tips to help you to write over the holidays.

1. Use the cloud, so you can write on your phone

Do you use Cloud apps? I do, notably Evernote, Scrivener, Day One, and Bear. Evernote and Scrivener are multi-platform, but Day One and Bear (a note taking app) are Mac only. I’ve heard Windows users mentioning that Life Journal is a great Day One alternative.

The big benefit of “cloud” apps, which sync your content with the cloud, is that you can write on any device, anywhere. I know that life happens, and on days when I have “no time”, I’ll write on my phone.

2. Prepare a holiday writers’ journal: remember to snap photos

This year, I’ll be snapping photos right into Evernote and Day One. Every year when I’ve promised myself that I will use my DSLR to take photos, I never do. The camera’s never there when I need it, but the camera in my phone is always there.

I’ve decided that I’ll create a holiday writers’ journal, with lots of images.

3. Take a day or two off — but no more than that

Whenever I take a week off from writing, I find that it’s pure torture to get started again. I’ve lost the inspiration and thread of whatever I was writing. So this year, I’ll take Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day, off from writing, but no more than that.

Do you have any tips to find time to write over the holidays? Please share.

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