Writing Fiction: 3 Quick Tips To Create Satisfying Reads

Creating a satisfying story is a big challenge when you’re writing fiction. In a recent writers’ group meeting, we discussed reader satisfaction. “I love thrillers and adventure stories,” one author said, “but everything I’ve read lately is all about the plot. The characters are either TSTL (too stupid to live) or are a bunch of … Read more

A Freelance Writing Side Hustle: 2 Vital Tips To Ensure You’re Paid

Several of our writers’ group members are attempting a freelance writing side hustle. They agreed that setting their fees and negotiating are their greatest challenges. Should they price similarly to other freelancers? Attempt to undercut them? Knowing how much to charge is confusing. You would rather not price yourself out of the market, but you … Read more

Writing Fiction: 4 Powerful Steps To Quickly Transform A First Draft

If you’re writing fiction and haven’t published your novel, it’s likely that you’re intimidated by your first draft. Relax. The story on the page may disappoint you, but consider that this is your chance to transform the mass of material into the ideal novel you’ve imagined. Revising and editing will change your muddle into a … Read more

Writing Fiction And Editing: 3 Tips For Rewriting A First Draft

When you’re writing fiction it’s often suggested that you write your first draft straight through without editing. Is this good advice? We’ve discussed this at writers’ group meetings, and I was reminded of those discussions today because I’m rewriting parts of a first draft and hoping that I don’t mess it up. A book journal … Read more

Writing Fiction: 3 Savvy Tips To Manage Fiction Ideas

Do you struggle with writing fiction? In a writers’ group meeting, we chatted about a common struggle: managing your ideas, without being distracted by them. One writer said that she struggled with organizing sudden inspiration. Another said that his big challenge was developing ideas. He constantly second-guessed himself, deleting one or more scenes—he’d even delete … Read more