Social Media: Get Creative, Get Hired

A reader asked about social media content: “Is there still room for freelance writers? What about AI?”

“Automatic” content needn’t faze you. It’s always been around in some form or other.

Find clients who want fresh ideas. Not only do these clients pay more, but they’re also more fun. A tip: make getting ideas a BIG part of your writing life. Become an ideas person, as suggested in Weird, Wonderful (And Easy) Ways To Increase Your Writing Income Today.

Nothing replaces creativity. This morning I realized I’ve skimped on making time to get creative lately, so I scheduled 30 minutes of journaling each day.

If you want to get hired, get creative with social media, and develop a strategy to make yourself indispensable to clients. Whether you’re a new freelancer or a pro, check your profiles on your chosen networks.

Your profile inspires a company to hire you.

A strategy: start with your profile on two networks

Choose two networks, or even one, and focus on your profile. Anyone who wants to hire you will check out your profile first. Avoid spreading yourself too thin.

Worried that your social media network experience isn’t extensive? If you’re hired to create content for an unfamiliar network, it won’t take long to get up to speed.

The reader asked about agencies.

If you’re not aware, many large companies hire marketing agencies; I work for an agency.

From Weird, Wonderful (And Easy) Ways To Increase Your Writing Income Today:

Large companies hire agencies and/ or social media managers because a lot goes into creating any content strategy—both time, tools (for which staff need training), and skills in developing content (again, this is something for which staff need training.)

However, there’s room for you too. A company in a specific niche may have an agreement with an agency to create three posts on two networks each week, as well as two blog posts a month.

You know the company and the niche. You have ideas. Don’t be shy. Share them with the company. Many companies are unaware that they can hire freelancers directly. Query.

(Connect with companies on LinkedIn, that’s often the easiest way.)

Build your followers and connections on a network

Yes, it’s who you know, and who knows you.

Build your followers and connections on your networks—and get creative. Ideas are everything.

And have fun too. 🙂

Weird, Wonderful (And Easy) Ways To Increase Your Writing Income TodayWords and ideas: how to get paid for your AMAZING ideas

Take yourself out of the mindset of the generic, everyday writer, who writes content, or who blogs, or who writes fiction.

Consider charging according to the value you offer your clients. Offer ideas and start getting paid for your ideas today, with Weird, Wonderful (And Easy) Ways To Increase Your Writing Income Today. Check it out if you’re a professional writer.


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