Write Fiction When You Have No Time: Apps To Help

Write Fiction When You Have No Time: Apps To Help

What if you have NO time to write fiction?

I’ve found that the right apps can maximize the time you have, help you to stay organized, and make writing fun, despite stress.

Each of these apps works on your phone, so if your phone is with you, you can write.

Favorite apps to write spare-time fiction

Here are my favorites. Some are Mac-only, but most have Windows equivalents. If I know an an equivalent, I’ll suggest it.

Evernote (Mac and Windows): all in one, does everything, everywhere

My all-time favorite app which I’ve been using since 2009. Evernote’s benefit is that I can take everything with me. It takes just a second to create a new note on my phone, or to write in a note I created on my computer.

You can create an audio note quickly too, if you’ve just thought of something when you’re out and about. (Avoid using it when driving.)

Ulysses (Mac and Windows): brainstorm, write, create as many documents as you need

Ulysses just works. If you’re writing a book in Ulysses, you can carry on writing on your phone or your tablet, wherever you happen to be. Some nights I write a scene in Ulysses on my phone while in bed, because I just happened to think of an interesting idea.

Day One (Mac, but it has a Windows client): when dates and images are important

Day One is a gorgeous journaling app. However, I never use it for journaling unless I’m traveling and snapping images.

Mostly, I use Day One to let me know when something happened — when I published a book, or have problems with something or other. A couple of my friends love Day One for writing, because it means that they can work anywhere. In addition, they can see whether they wrote or goofed off on a specific day.

If you’re a Windows user, check out Life Journal; it bills itself as a Windows client for Day One, and looks interesting.

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