Get Organized: 5 Clever Outlining Apps To Achieve Your Goals Today

Do you wish you could get organized? An outlining app can help. You can use an outline app to:

  • Plan anything, from a birthday party to a product launch;
  • Use your creativity more easily—brainstorm and get inspired;
  • Keep up with your connections and contacts;
  • Organize your calendar and To Do lists;
  • Write (of course.)

The best outlining tools not only help you to get organized, they help you to achieve your goals.

Get organized: a great outlining app helps you achieve your goals

However, finding the best outlining app for you and your work can be a challenge. We discussed outliners at a recent writers’ group meeting. One member is a minimalist: spreadsheets help her to get organized. Another uses mind maps.

My own favorite is tool is OmniOutliner for most organizational tasks, although I favor mind maps when I’m writing fiction.

Let’s look at some popular outlining apps to help you to become organized. Some have a free option; if you need more functions, these are provided in premium modes. If there’s no free mode, trial the app first, before you buy.

One of these apps may be just what you need to get your life on track. Although I’ve numbered these, it’s for convenience. They’re in no particular order.

1. Scrivener: the Swiss army knife for writers and authors

Although writers’ app Scrivener is primarily used for writing, it’s also used for many other tasks, including general content creation, planning, and brainstorming. When a friend organized her family’s move overseas, she used Scrivener.

Outliner mode lets you outline easily; if you want a visual overview, use Corkboard mode—you can add images if you wish. To add images when you’re in Corkboard mode, click the image icon in a card’s Synopsis.

2. Dynalist: Markdown formatting, internal links and bookmarks

Dynalist seems simple, but there’s a lot of functionality under the hood. Not only does it use Markdown formatting, you can add notes, colored labels and tags.

The app helps you to get organized simply and easily; the free version has lots of features.

3. Taskade makes it easy to get organized and keep up

I like Taskade, because not only does it have a templates gallery, its free mode offers extensive functionality.

You can plan anything you choose, brainstorm, and collaborate with others too.

4. OmniOutliner (Mac/ iOS): a brilliant tool for writing and creativity

OmniOutliner has every feature you need in an outliner, and much more. Currently, I’m using it to organize clients’ marketing assets and social media content, as well as general client information.

There’s a 14-day trial to get you started.

5. Miro offers digital whiteboards: brainstorm, get organized and collaborate

Miro helps you to get organized painlessly. Use it in any way you choose. With mind maps, corkboards, and an infinite canvas, you can outline anything. It offers integration with apps like Zoom, Asana, and Google Calendar, so you can track tasks and people with ease.

I like it for sharing mind maps with others; a friend uses it to create Help files and online courses for her company.

Get organized, no matter how overwhelmed you feel


Whenever you’re stressed, whether it’s at home, or at work, and feel that your goals are beyond your reach, an outlining app can help.

The big benefit of using an outlining app to get organized is that you can mould the app into whatever you need at the moment.

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