Fun Regency Romance Quote Of the Day: The Reluctant Widow

From Georgette Heyer: The Reluctant Widow:

‘I tell you to your head, ma’am, that Master Nick, not to wrap it up in clean linen, is tedious loose in the hilts!’ he said severely.

Mrs. Barrow, with a passing admonition to him to hold his tongue, informed her mistress that this bodeful pronouncement meant merely that Master Nick, being but a lad, was scarcely to be relied on. ‘But it’s no matter!’ she said. ‘He’ll be company for you, I dare say, ma’am. But mind you make him tie that nasty dog of his up!’

The Reluctant Widow was first published in 1946.

The Lady And The Rake: A Scandalous Arrangement

The Lady And The Rake: A Scandalous Arrangement

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