Cover Reveal, Lady Julia’s Destiny: A Love To Treasure

Lady Julia's Destiny: A Love To Treasure

Here’s the cover for the latest novel in the Regency romance series, Eardleys of Gostwicke Hall .

Lady Julia’s Destiny: A Love To Treasure is the seventh novel in the series, BUT you don’t have to read the entire series to make sense of the novels. Each novel stands alone.

Regency romance: Lady Julia’s story

Lady Julia’s Destiny: A Love To Treasure matches Lady Julia with Lord Lyneham. Neither of them like it much… They quarrel when they meet; Lyneham’s shocked. No lady has ever stood up to him before — his appearance frightens chits.

Here’s a snippet from the first chapter.

Snippet from Lady Julia’s Destiny

A little setup first… Julia’s just received a threatening letter from her mother, warning her of what will happen should Julia fail to gain a husband from among the beau monde.

Julia rolled her eyes. Her mother wanted Mr. Wickersley’s money, but cringed at the thought that a cit like Wickersley would call on her fashionable relatives.

She closed her eyes for a moment, imagining herself attending to customers in Mr. Wickersley’s butcher shop. Her mother had told her not to be a fool when Julia had said that she would find it interesting.

“Of course he will not expect you to be waiting on customers in his shop.” Lady Rystone sounded horrified at the idea.

Mr. Wickersley was a small man, who dressed neatly. He had damp hands, sharp eyes, and a pursed mouth. Whenever Lady Rystone brought him into the drawing room at Rystone Manor, he darted glances all around the room. “As if he were pricing the silver frames, the silk on the walls, and the candlesticks,” her ladyship said.

If there were no one else, and Mr. Wickersley withdrew his suit, they’d have to sell the candlesticks, Julia knew.

The morning she left Rystone Manor, Mother had warned Julia that she was not to speak of Mr. Wickersley to her Eardley relatives. “Catherine rules her mother, my dear. And Catherine wouldn’t countenance Mr Wickersley for a moment.”

Julia pressed her mother’s hand. “I won’t mention him, Mother. He’ll be our secret.”

Her mother brightened at that. “Yes, that’s it. A secret. Catherine’s sure to find a dozen beaux for you. Of course she will.”

Julia picked up both sheets of the letter, ripped them across, then across again. She stuck the pieces into her pocket. Later, she’d burn them.

The sixth novel, The Lady And The Devil: If You Knew Me is available now

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The Lady And The Devil: If You Knew Me

The Lady And The Devil: If You Knew Me

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