Blank Notebooks: 4 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Stationery Stash

Do you have a stash of blank notebooks? I didn’t realize that stationery hoarding was a thing, until one of our writers’ group members complained that she had over 100 blank notebooks. It turns out that several of us had a similar problem, so we discussed ideas for filling our journals. I’ve got enough blank … Read more

Journaling In 2022: 3 Easy Tips To Achieve Your Goals

Are you journaling in 2022? In our final writers’ group meeting for 2021, we discussed journaling, its benefits, and how we could use journaling in 2022 to help us to meet our goals. I was surprised that out of our group of over 20 writers and authors, only two members didn’t journal—and both were determined … Read more

Writing Fiction: Should You Only “Write What You Know?”

In a recent writers’ group meeting, we discussed writing fiction and the value (or otherwise) of the writing dictum: “write what you know”. A new member, who’s a new author, posed a question. She’s writing an American Civil War novel, inspired by Gone With The Wind… and a family diary. “Does that mean,” she asked, … Read more

Why A Brain Dump? 3 Tips To Manage Stress And Organize Your Life

Feeling overwhelmed? Try a brain dump so you can see everything you need to manage. Then you can decide how you’ll manage it. Brain dumps are useful anytime you feel stressed.  Productivity guru David Allen is the author of the book, Getting Things Done: The art of stress-free productivity. In the book, he popularized brain … Read more

Getting Things Done For Writers: 4 Tips To Increase Your Output

Getting Things Done For Writers: 4 Tips To Increase Your Output

A reader asked about “getting things done for writers”: is there a special strategy for GTD which helps with writing? (Here’s an article on GTD which has some useful tips.) We’ve discussed Getting Things Done several times at our writers’ group meetings. Some members are keen on it, others not so much. Getting things done: … Read more