Regency Time Travel Romance Trilogy: Tara

Regency Time Travel Romance Trilogy: TaraI love time travel novels, and I love the Regency period too. So I’ve combined those two loves in a new time travel romance trilogy. The first novel has just been published: Tara’s Enchantment.

Three sisters, a wicked stepmother… and a time traveling toy poodle. What does that remind you of? 😉 I had great fun writing Tara’s story. Her sisters’ stories will follow.

The fascination of time travel

I had no intention of writing a time travel romance. My next novel should have been another Athena and Hunter story. One day however I found myself writing a few sentences, and then a few sentences more, and before I knew it, the story was launched.

The idea of traveling through time is fascinating. However, as many have pointed out, if it were ever to become possible, why haven’t we met time travelers from the future?

Occasional news stories seem to show artifacts appearing where they have no right to be:

Chinese archaeologists were alleged to have found a small, but perfectly formed metal watch when they opened a previously undisturbed giant coffin in the 400-year-old Si Qing tomb in Shangsi County, China in December 2008.

Sadly that watch turned out to be a hoax.

I hope you enjoy Tara’s Enchantment. What would you do, if you suddenly found yourself two centuries in the past? 🙂

Tara’s Enchantment – Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 1

Tara’s Enchantment – Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 1


A Regency time travel romance... What if you could escape across time, and find your soulmate?

Pure evil dispatches gorgeous Tara Ballantine across the centuries, to Regency England. Tara lands on Adam Jervoise, Earl of Hillingworth -- literally -- as he's riding through a bluebell wood.

Hillingworth is handsome, rich, and kind. He's also set to propose to an heiress.

When Tara realizes that she's falling in love with the earl, she fights the feeling.

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