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Regency Romance Novels from Penelope Redmont

Passion By Candlelight: Steamy Regency Romance Collection 1

Passion By Candlelight: Steamy Regency Romance Collection 1

Love Regency romances? You’ll adore the four stories in this collection. These rakish men, and the women who can handle them, live and find love in the Age of Elegance.

Passion By Candlelight: Steamy Regency Romance Collection 1 — Four steamy Regency romances with heroines you’ll adore…

My Lady’s Diamonds: An Erotic Regency Short Story

What does her husband’s mistress know that she doesn’t?

Rufus Fenton, the Earl of Mainton, married his young wife Maria after four meetings. Her innocence terrifies him.

Although Maria loves her husband, and understands that men have needs which mistresses satisfy, she’s humiliated when her husband’s mistress appears at a ball covered in diamonds. Maria decides she needs lessons in passion.

My Prize in Pearls: An Erotic Regency Short Story

She’s alone, and frightened… In 1806, Daisy, the lonely natural daughter of the Duke of Wellbridge, is shunned by her half-sister, and by her brother, the new duke.

Lady Constance, Daisy’s aunt, fears for Daisy’s safety. She encourages her to marry Nicholas Haddon, a handsome and wealthy American ship’s captain.

Ravishing You With Rubies: A Steamy Regency Romance Novella

Two lonely people…

Peter Darnley, the Earl of Rayne, is an unabashed rake. He enjoys women. Many women.

Athena Browne, the daughter of a butler and lady’s maid, was married to Lord Pennville at 17. Now 25, she’s been widowed for years. Her marriage to Pennville wasn’t consummated. She believes that this is her secret.

It isn’t. The earl knows. He also knows that Athena is about to be blackmailed into a marriage she doesn’t want, or face an enormous scandal.

My Enchanting Emerald: A Steamy Regency Short Story

It’s 1810…

Esmée Garland’s life as a governess in Regency London isn’t easy. Unwilling to accommodate a lecherous employer, Esmée is currently unemployed.

Mark Palmer, Viscount Cairnmore, rescues Esmée. He places her in the care of his grandmother, the Countess. Can Esmée return Mark’s love? Can he keep her safe?

Lady Saville’s Lover: A Regency Romance

Lady Saville's Lover: A Regency Romance

In Lady Saville’s Lover hot-tempered Scottish heiress Bess Fleming takes the ton by storm. She’s refused six proposals of marriage — will Lord Darius make number seven? Lord Darius Saville is the second son of a duke. Bess considers him a a wastrel, a gambler, and a womanizer.

He doesn’t have good words for her either. Bess overhears him call her “uncivilized.” She’s not likely to forgive him. However, when Bess finds herself at the center of a scandal, Lord Darius offers her sanctuary. He suggests that they pretend to be engaged. That will calm the gossip. Won’t it?

Bess discovers that there’s more to Lord Darius than she expected. Will he save her reputation, but break her heart?

NEW: Time Travel Regency Romance Trilogy

Tara’s Enchantment: Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 1

Tara's Enchantment: Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 1

At 26, gorgeous Tara Ballantine has a near-perfect life. Not only is she lovely, but she also has a trust fund from her billionaire father, and two loving sisters. Her boyfriend’s proposed too.

Unfortunately, she also has a stepmother, ex-model Devon. Tara tries to see the good in everyone. She doesn’t realize that Devon hates her, and her sisters. That hatred bounces Tara across the world and across time. From Sydney, Australia in 2015, she lands in Regency England in 1809.

Tara lands on Adam Jervoise, Earl of Hillingworth — literally — as he’s riding through a bluebell wood. Hillingworth is handsome, rich, and kind. He’s also set to propose to an heiress.

Molly’s Magic: Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 2

Molly's Magic: Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 2

Your life can change in an instant… At 24, not only is Molly Ballantine stunning, she has two sisters she loves, and a wonderful career. Then her eldest sister Tara vanishes, and her life disintegrates.

Molly’s life is about to become even more chaotic. Suddenly she’s in England in 1809. In a brothel — with a man who’s too good-looking for her peace of mind.

Priscilla’s story is coming soon

Although all three novels can be read as standalones, the story of Tara, Molly, and Priscilla’s time travels winds up in Priscilla’s story.

If you’d like to read more about the girls who take on the Regency — and more on Pudding, the time traveling poodle — watch for Priscilla’s Destiny, coming soon.