More Passion By Candlelight: Regency Romance

More Passion By Candlelight: Regency Romance

I adore Regency romance. If you love Regency fiction too, I’ve collected three of my most fun novellas into second collection, More Passion By Candlelight. While novellas are shorter than novels, they still give you everything you love about the Regency.

Of course, you save money by purchasing the collection — always a benefit. 🙂 Meet one of our heroines, Minerva from His Lady’s Sapphire Surrender:

She patted his chest, and wished with her all her heart that it were true; that she was married to Hart. Then she remembered the pictures Bunny had shown her, and shuddered inwardly. She couldn’t imagine it. How often would Hart expect that —”

“What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” she murmured.

He tightened his arms. “Stop thinking; I command it. Now, back to my fantasy. It’s our wedding night. In my dream, you’d be sitting on my lap, just like this. Then, I’d reach into my pocket, and I would give you… this.”

He straightened slightly. Minerva sat up, so that he could reach his pocket. He handed her a small box.

She recognized it immediately.

“It’s my wedding gift to you. I hope that we will marry, my love, but this jewel has always been yours. Take it out, and put it on.”

Minerva opened the box. The Star glowed blue. As she tilted the box, the diamonds around it flashed in the candlelight. “Thank you,” she managed to say. Her eyes filled with tears.

Hart fastened the chain of diamonds around her neck.

Three Regency romances, three passionate heroes and Regency ladies

More Passion By Candlelight includes three novellas:

  • His Lady’s Sapphire Surrender
  • My Amber Passion
  • His True Treasure

Also available, our first collection

Our first collection for readers of Regency romance, Passion By Candlelight, offers four short Regency romances.

I hope you enjoy these collections as much as I enjoyed creating them.


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