Regency Time Travel Romance: Priscilla Takes Charge

Priscilla's Destiny: Regency Time Travel Romance

I adore time travel romances, and love the Regency period, so what could be more natural than to write a Regency time travel romance? Currently I’m having huge fun writing Priscilla’s Destiny, the third book in a time travel trilogy. All three books can be read as standalone novels. However, the time travel element wraps up in Priscilla. … Read more

Molly’s Magic: Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 2

Molly's Magic: Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 2

Love the Regency and time travel? I do too. Molly’s Magic is the second book in our Regency time travel romance trilogy, and it’s available now. Tara’s Enchantment is the first book. All three books can be read as standalones. Here’s the books’ description Your life can change in an instant… At 24, not only … Read more

NEW: Lady Saville’s Lover, A Regency Romance

NEW: Lady Saville's Lover, A Regency Romance

Read our new Regency romance… She’s gorgeous, but hot-tempered, and Scottish heiress Bess Fleming takes the ton by storm. She’s refused six proposals of marriage — will Lord Darius make number seven? Lord Darius Saville is the second son of a duke. Bess considers him a a wastrel, a gambler, and a womanizer. He doesn’t … Read more

Regency Romance Heroes And Beau Brummell

Regency Romance Heroes And Beau Brummell

If you write Regency romance, you spend a lot of time thinking about Regency heroes. Sooner or later, you stumble across that ultimate Regency hero, and man of mystery, Beau Brummell. I’ve just finished reading Ian Kelly’s wonderful biography, Beau Brummell: The Ultimate Man of Style. Kelly says of Brummell, who was chosen as the … Read more