(New) Regency Fiction: His Lady’s Sapphire Surrender

(New) Regency Fiction: His Lady's Sapphire Surrender

Love Regency fiction? I do too. I can never get enough of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. My latest Regency novella, His Lady’s Sapphire Surrender, is a little steamier than anything you’ll find in those two authors, and I hope you enjoy it.

In this brief snippet, our heroine, Lady Devreath, who’s very innocent, is confused by her attraction to our hero.

A snippet from His Lady’s Sapphire Surrender

Bunny was reading the newspaper in the breakfast room next morning when Minerva entered it.

She looked up. “Devreath’s ship is lost. Just as I feared it would be.” She refolded the newspaper and set it aside. “No doubt that’s why he didn’t appear for the party… Off somewhere, drinking himself blind to get over the shock.”

After her ride with Hemmton, Minerva had changed from her riding habit to a morning gown. She was exhilarated. Hemmton rode well, and he complimented her on her mare. They hadn’t talked much, merely enjoyed the morning. And each other.

She was focused on her memory of Hemmton.

He had touched her. Held her.

Minerva’s face warmed at the memory. Her mare had stumbled, and Minerva needed to dismount to check whether the horse had picked up a stone from the gravel and tan of the Row.

She signaled one of her grooms, but before the man could dismount to help her off her horse, Hemmton dismounted, and held out his arms for her.

She went into them, breathlessly. He was solid, and his chest was hard against hers. He grasped her tightly. She couldn’t breathe when she met his gaze. His smell enticed her. Bergamot, overlaid with the scene of saddle leather, and musk.

The Lady And The Military Man: Conquer My Heart

The Lady And The Military Man: Conquer My Heart

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Tara’s Enchantment – Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 1

Tara’s Enchantment – Regency Time Travel Romance, Book 1


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Hillingworth is handsome, rich, and kind. He's also set to propose to an heiress.

When Tara realizes that she's falling in love with the earl, she fights the feeling.

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