New Follyjohn Gossip Regency Romance Short Stories

New Follyjohn Gossip Regency Romance Short Stories

Reading Regency romance stories is my guilty pleasure. Nothing cheers you like relaxing into an era more mannered than our own. It’s the perfect escape.

I hope you enjoy our new release: When He’s (Not) Perfect. Here’s the description.

Sometimes things aren’t the way you thought they were…

At 23, Pippa Waterston feels truly a spinster. She has fond memories of her only London season, when she was 18, but she didn’t take. She knows why — the Earl of Upminster gave her the nickname “Freckles.”

The handsome earl has moved next door, into a property which Pippa’s brother lost to him at cards.

To her annoyance, no matter how much Pippa tries to avoid him, he seems set on putting himself in her way.

This sweet Regency romance short story is the first in the Follyjohn Gossip series.

New Regency romance series

When He’s (Not) Perfect is the first story in our Follyjohn Gossip Series of sweet Regency romance short stories.

Gossip fuels Follyjohn, a small English village. Follyjohn is a mere half-day’s ride from London, which is no distance at all, and many of the great and the good reside in the county around Follyjohn. Compared with other country folk, the villagers consider themselves sophisticated.

The villagers gossip about the noble folk living in the great houses. They also gossip about each other. Everyone know everyone else. Strangers are rare and suspect.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Follyjohn, and the people who live there.

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