New Clean Regency Romance: The Lady And The Rake

The Lady And The Rake: A Scandalous Arrangement

Introducing a new novel, and a new series. The Lady And The Rake: A Scandalous Arrangement is a clean Regency romance. It was HUGE fun to write.

The novel introduces the Eardleys, who aren’t your typical Regency ton family. Yes, they’re wealthy, and Mrs. Eardley’s daughters are looking for husbands, but the Eardleys know how to manage the ton, and then some.

The Lady And The Rake is the story of Melly, who’s hurt when she’s jilted, and says so. Unfortunately, her plain speaking has consequences she couldn’t have foreseen.

The Eardleys Of Gostwicke Hall — a new clean Regency romance series

Here’s the novel’s description.

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing, no matter how much your heart hurts…

“Pierce, unless you wish me to tell your mother and Lady Christobel about Mary in the village, and her eldest child, and the reason she was married off to the blacksmith in a rush —”

Oops. Melisande Eardley has a temper.

To save her family from scandal, innocent Melly agrees to a pretend engagement to a notorious rake. But he’s a family friend, so Melly’s convinced that Lord Linton is unfairly maligned, and that his reputation is mere ton gossip.

She hopes that’s so, because she soon fears that she’s becoming attached to Linton.

Randall Ward, Lord Linton, is determined to avoid a family feud between the Eardleys and the Wards. Although he’s drawn to Melly’s beauty and innocence, marriage isn’t on his mind. He tells himself that a faux betrothal is necessary, because he’s spiking the guns of Melly’s sister, vengeance-loving Catherine Grove.

Neither Melly nor Linton is prepared when disaster strikes.

Meet Elaine Eardley… soon

I hope you enjoy The Lady And The Rake: A Scandalous Arrangement, which is Melly story.

Melly’s younger sister Elaine doesn’t appear in The Lady And The Rake, she’s staying with her friend Felicity. You’ll discover her story in the next book, which will be released in 2018. Like Melly, Elaine has a temper:

Her sister Catherine said that Elaine’s hair told you everything you needed to know about her. Her hair shimmered red.

The Major’s Gift: A Sweet Regency Romance Novella

The Major’s Gift: A Sweet Regency Romance Novella

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In 1816 England, pretty Eleanor Devayne teaches young ladies at Miss Merryford's Academy. Although Ellie's job scandalizes her family, Ellie is happy, because she's supporting her small sister.

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