Love-Struck: New Contemporary Romance Novella


Looking for a new contemporary romance read? Check out my new novella, Love-Struck. It’s the first in a new series. I hope you enjoy the hero, Sam MacLeod. When Sam decides that Olivia is right for him, he lets nothing stand in his way.

Love-Struck, a fun contemporary romance

At 30, Olivia Lewis’s personal life is a mess. Dumped by her fiancé without so much as an explanation, she’s surprised that she feels nothing but relief. Olivia’s professional life is a disaster too. Although her partners in her law firm push her out, she’s determined that she won’t allow them to steal her business.

When the beloved aunt who raised her and her sister dies, Olivia returns to her childhood home at Coal River Bay. She wishes that she’d returned more often when Aunt Jenny was alive, but she’s ready for a slower pace of life now.

Sam suddenly reappears in Olivia’s life. He’s rented the house next to hers. At first, she doesn’t recognize him. She certainly doesn’t trust him, and is uncomfortably aware that she’s attracted to him.

She can’t allow that.

Will Olivia ever wake up and realize that Sam is not only her best friend, but also her soulmate?

Love-Struck excerpt

She didn’t know how it happened. Suddenly, she was in his arms, and he was kissing her. His lips were unbelievably soft, for such a rugged looking man. She breathed in his scent, and allowed herself to relax against him. Just for a moment.

Then she realized what she was doing, shoved at his chest, and stared at him.

“Sorry,” he said again. “I couldn’t resist.”

He slid out of his seat. The censor lights switched on.

He’d opened her door before she had a chance to sort out her bags and open the car door herself.

She was still befuddled by the kiss.

He held out his hand again. “I’m sorry…”

Was sorry the only word he knew?

“Thank you,” Olivia said. “For driving me back.” She accepted his hand, and shook it firmly.

“Let me do that,” he said when she reached for her bags.

A minute later, she was inside her house, locking the front door behind her.

After she filed her insurance claim, she forgot MacLeod. The insurance money came nowhere near the amount which she was quoted to fix her car. She sold the wreck to a classic car fan.

A month after the accident, her relationship with her partners Alex and Dennis had gone from bad to worse. They had a final row, the partnership was over, and Olivia returned to Coal River Bay.

Love-Struck: Coal River Bay Novella Book 1

Love-Struck: Coal River Bay Novella Book 1

Series: Coal River Bay, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Sam MacLeod's drunken girlfriend smashes into Olivia's beloved classic car, she never expects that she'll see him again.

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