Clean Regency Romance, The Lady And The Duke: A Dangerous Season

Clean Regency Romance, The Lady And The Duke: A Dangerous Season

If you enjoy Regency romance, I hope you’ll like The Lady And The Duke: A Dangerous Season.

This is Elaine’s story; it’s the second in our series of clean Regency romances. Elaine is young, completely innocent, and doesn’t understand herself at all. Although Mrs. Eardley believes that Elaine has a similar temperament to her formidable older sister Catherine, Elaine is far from as ruthless as Catherine.

Clean Regency romance: the second book in The Eardleys Of Gostwicke Hall series

A little about Elaine…

Miss Elaine Eardley is about to make her comeout, but she has more important things on her mind, like vengeance.

Her sister Catherine believes that Elaine’s hair tells you everything that you need to know about her. It’s flame-red. Catherine also believes that when Duke of Sommerforth invites the Eardleys to his pre-Christmas house party Elaine’s successful comeout is assured.

Unfortunately Elaine is infatuated with “the handsomest man in England”, Sir Oliver Destry. She’s shocked when Sir Oliver calmly tells her that his marriage to her best friend was arranged years ago.

At just 18, Elaine is headstrong and passionate. She sets about the downfall of Sir Oliver and creates a wicked plan. She decides that she’ll win an offer of marriage from Sir Oliver Destry.

There’s not much that will change her mind, not even a nuisance of a duke who decides to interfere.

An excerpt from The Lady And The Duke: A Dangerous Season

A small excerpt. The Duke of Sommerforth and Elaine meet for the first time…

As soon as her eyes met the intense gaze of the rider in the lead, Elaine forgot that she mustn’t draw attention to herself. The gentleman had black hair and slate grey eyes which assessed her, Bendish, and their horses. Then his gaze returned to Elaine.

He wore a loose riding coat, but she was intensely aware of his broad shoulders and the length of his arms and legs. A big horse, as Bendish had said, and a very large and well-made man. For some reason, Elaine felt a flush heat her face. She looked away quickly.

“Mr. Bendish?” The stranger’s voice was deep, his tone pleasant.

“Indeed sir. I am steward at Gostwicke Hall.”

Bendish’s tone was appropriately respectful. He’d noticed, as had Elaine, that the stranger was of the quality.


The Duke of Sommerforth.

Elaine swallowed hard. She should have ridden away when she had the chance. Lady Christobel had been bragging about the Duke’s visit to The Oaks, but she’d forgotten all about it. Christobel would crow with delight, and Catherine would plot her murder, if the duke realized that the boy on the mare was female.

“Your grace,” Bendish bowed deferentially in the saddle.

When the duke’s gaze flickered to her yet again, Elaine bowed also.

Elaine’s tension relayed itself to Joy. The mare became agitated, dancing to and fro. She tossed her head, ready to bolt. Elaine almost allowed her to run, but that would be ruinous to the mare’s schooling, so she held her in a tight circle. She took several deep breaths, relaxing her hands and seat to calm the mare.

The mare settled, and Elaine couldn’t help glancing at the duke again. Steam rose from the mounts of the three men, so they’d been riding hard. He sat his mount easily. His gaze was on Joy. Elaine forced herself lower her own gaze, knowing that if she stared at him too long his attention would be drawn to her again.

Here’s more information on The Lady And The Duke: A Dangerous Season.

Watch for the third clean Regency romance in the series, which is Anne’s story. (The novels can be read as standalones.)

The Lady And The Duke: A Dangerous Season

The Lady And The Duke: A Dangerous Season

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Her sister Catherine believes that Elaine's hair tells you everything that you need to know about her. It's flame-red. When Sir Oliver Destry trifles with Elaine, she decides on revenge. Elaine soon discovers the truth of the old saying that if you want to make the gods laugh, just tell them your plans.

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