Blogging: 5 Easy Tips To Improve A Blog In 5 Minutes Or Less

If you’re blogging, chances are you’re focused on content. In a recent writers’ group meeting, we talked about our blogs, and how to improve them. Of course, creating content was everyone’s priority. We shared easy tips to improve a blog, make it more appealing, and develop content too. The best tip? Keep a master list … Read more

Blog Content: 4 Simple Ways To Find Blogging Ideas

Blog Content: 4 Simple Ways To Find Blogging Ideas

Looking for ideas for blog content? Perhaps you feel you’ve said it all; you’re squeezed dry. Blog content: what if you’ve got nothing to say? We all feel like that occasionally. Consider that you’ve got plenty to say—you’re just out of inspiration. You need to rekindle it. Let’s look at simple ways to get ideas … Read more

Blogger For Hire: Can You Sell Your Social Media Services?

I work in marketing and commission content creators and content strategists for clients. Our writers’ recently group asked me about what’s involved in becoming a blogger for hire — what do you do for clients? After giving a short presentation to the group, I though you might be interested too, if you’re looking for a … Read more