When She’s A Pretender: A Regency Romance Short Story

When She’s A Pretender: A Regency Romance Short Story

Pretty Blythe Ashfield is an heiress. She's also Follyjohn's best-known and most notorious spinster.

One day she doesn't something of which she's ashamed: she lies, and says she's betrothed to a Russian count.

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About the Book

Pretty Blythe Ashfield is an heiress. She’s also Follyjohn’s best-known and most notorious spinster

To her horror — and anger — the endlessly gossiping Follyjohn villagers are convinced that she stayed out of sight all through the winter because she bore a child.

Handsome Lord Derwell, Blythe’s neighbor, doesn’t believe the unkind gossip. He’s loved Blythe for years, but he’s never offered for her, because he knows that she has no wish to marry.

Everything changes when Blythe goes visit her aunt in London. She’s escorted by a handsome Russian count, her aunt’s friend. Impulsively, on her return, she tells the village’s biggest gossips that she’s engaged.

Shocked, and angry, Lord Derwell reacts in a way that Blythe doesn’t expect. She realizes that she may have lost Lord Derwell to her biggest enemy. But how can she admit that she lied?

Series: Follyjohn Gossip Series, Book 4
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency
Publisher: Penelope Redmont
Publication Year: 2017
eBook Price: 2.99
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