Blogging: 5 Easy Tips To Improve A Blog In 5 Minutes Or Less

If you’re blogging, chances are you’re focused on content. In a recent writers’ group meeting, we talked about our blogs, and how to improve them. Of course, creating content was everyone’s priority.

We shared easy tips to improve a blog, make it more appealing, and develop content too.

The best tip? Keep a master list of tasks you can finish in five minutes.

Blogging: got five minutes? Use them to improve your blog

I love this idea from one member: “Make a list of blog chores you can complete in five minutes. These little tasks are great if you’re feeling guilty because you haven’t looked at your blog in a month.”

1. Update posts, or delete them if they’re no longer useful

Want to feel more productive? Every new post pushes older posts down the blog’s home page. Finally, they vanish. It’s challenging to remember posts you wrote a couple of months ago. Of course, with more mature blogs, the challenge is even more difficult.

In five minutes, you can update an older post, or even delete it, if it’s no longer useful. For example, perhaps you wrote a review for a product which is now outdated, or off the market.

2. Any draft posts? Schedule them for writing and publishing

Check your “draft posts” list. How many drafts?

Delete those you’re no longer interested in finishing. For those which remain, add them to your content calendar so you can complete and publish them.

One blogger in the group suggested sourcing images for draft posts—you can find an image quickly, and that’s an additional chore you’ve completed, bringing publishing much closer.

3. Using affiliate links? Check them

If you’re using affiliate links on your blog, it’s worthwhile to check whether they still work. Some affiliate managers notify their affiliates when links are changed; many don’t.

A blogger suggested keeping a running list of posts with affiliate links, so you can check them on a schedule.

4. Create pinnable graphics to increase traffic

Every post needs a graphic or two, to win attention. Check your older posts, to improve those you have, and create additional graphics.

5. What’s missing? Brainstorm useful blog pages and content

Create (or update) important and useful, pages for:

  • Contact details;
  • Advertising (if you welcome advertising);
  • Resources;
  • News;
  • Newsletter signups;
  • Upcoming events. You could include a book release, the date for a Twitter chat—anything you choose.

Blogging: try these simple five minute chores

If blogging is challenging, do what you can.


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