Blog Content: 4 Simple Ways To Find Blogging Ideas

Looking for ideas for blog content? Perhaps you feel you’ve said it all; you’re squeezed dry.

Blog content: what if you’ve got nothing to say?

We all feel like that occasionally. Consider that you’ve got plenty to say—you’re just out of inspiration. You need to rekindle it.

Let’s look at simple ways to get ideas for blog posts.

1. What do people want to know? Try Q and A websites

I’m a big fan of Quora, but there are many Q and A sites. Find a website which appeals to you and browse.

On Quora, you can search for questions, topics, people and boards. People ask questions about anything and everything. If a question or topic interests you, you can follow it, and you’ll be alerted to each new response.

Tip: set a time limit for yourself on exploring Q and A sites; they can become a time sink.

2. Visit your archives (blog posts, Facebook, email)

Explore your blog’s archives for ideas on which you can expand.

If you’re active in Facebook groups, be sure to save your own posts, and your replies to others. I finally started doing this last year. I’ve lost a lot of great content, and future content ideas, by not saving my Facebook posts.

We all spend time on email each day. Browse through your email for ideas for blog posts.

3. Curiosity will motivate you: follow your interests

What are you curious about? Curiosity is a powerful motivator. Get curious. Explore—offline, as well as online.

Be aware however that while it’s great to be curious, set limits. And of course, don’t forget what you’re supposed to be doing, which is finding blog post ideas.

4. Advertising: who’s selling what in your industry?

Who’s advertising what in your industry? Why? Check the advertisers’ sites for their press releases to find new stories you can cover on your blog.

Talk to the advertisers for your stories. You can get lots of mileage out of companies which are spending money on promotion.

If you “hate” advertising, and avoid it by turning off the ads in your Web browser, turn the ads on again. Read your junk mail, too. One of my best friends says she gets her best blog post ideas from her spam email folder.

There you have it. Simple ways to get blog content ideas for your blog. Try one of the ideas today.

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